Tile Makes Materials Feature Luxe Magazine

According to editors of Luxe Magazine, the Città in Polished Calacatta, in the Dimensioni Collection by New Ravenna, and the New West Pattern 10 in Quest, in the Cement Tile Collection by clé, “Shine Through.” The Market/Material feature, “Making a Splash,” notes: “Set against vibrant swirls of pigment, decorative tiles embrace geometry and get into some serious shapes.”

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Cle New Ravenna in Luxe Magazine


Within the Dimensioni Collection are three designs inspired by the urban and natural landscapes of Italy. In honor of the heritage of handcrafted stone, both Città and Coliseum are created from Calacatta, a luxurious Italian marble. The geometric lines of Coliseum originate in a classic hex, framed by a triple border of dimensional edging and finished with the pillowed softness of Venetian honing. Città is a modern mosaic that creates volume through faceted design. New Leaf is a reflective tile design available in four colorways of metallic glass; Platinum, Rose Gold, Champagne Gold, and Gunmetal. Sara Baldwin, founder and creative director of New Ravenna says, “Mosaic has a historic precedent of astonishing texture, the Byzantines placed gold pieces at angles to reflect light. This collection takes refraction a step further by exaggerating each piece of stone and glass to create surface depth. We wanted to capture the remarkable textures of Italy with strong geometry and organic fluidity.”

The mosaics in the Dimensioni Collection are suitable for interior and exterior vertical surfaces. Coliseum is customized to fit each installation. Città and New Leaf are available in the Studio Line, which is ready to ship in 48 hours. The collection is available for purchase at New Ravenna showrooms throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Russia, and Dubai.

Deborah Osburn, the founder of says of the clé new west collection of cement tiles, “It is a collection with roots in the wild, wild west, but with a vibe that’s everything new.” The composition created by the Luxe Magazine editors certainly illustrate her premise.