Tides: the new Watermark series from clé 

Jetty in the Cle watermark collection(SAUSALITO, CA)  clé is pleased to introduce Tides, a new series in the Watermark collection of hand crafted porcelain tile. Designed by Luca Osburn, an avid surfer, Tides adds four new colors, which reflect Osburn’s favorite surfing locations in northern California. Ranging from the fog-laded grey Cronkhite, to the brilliant sunlit ocean greens of Kelly’s Cove and Jetty, each hue represents an environment where Osburn masters the waves. Outer Sunset, was influenced by the faded pink row houses that border San Francisco’s Ocean Beach. Luca Osburn is the first “Artist in Residence” at clé. The program was started to introduce young adults to the artisan craft of tile making and teach them the skills necessary to design and produce their own work. Osburn was experimenting with the indigo pigments used in the Watermark collection and inspired by worn denim and the waves he rides, created the new tides finish. The tiles are 4″ x 8″ and are suitable for interior and exterior installations on both floors and walls.

Watermark – Tides are available exclusively on clé. Deborah Osburn started the international artisan tile e-boutique in 2012. The tiles on clé are as distinct as the artists who create them. It is Osburn’s goal to provide a forum for discovery and conversation about what she loves most, tiles created by impassioned artists creating remarkable surfaces.

“When you are riding a wave, you are taking the canvas of the surf and drawing your own lines based on what the wave is allowing you to do. Painting the tiles is similar in the sense that you are stroking across the tile, adapting the absorption, and engaging the movement of the process.”