New Ravenna Kiddo in House Beautiful

New Ravenna’s Kiddo mosaic collection was spotlighted by House Beautiful’s editors as “Making a Splash.” They add, “Tile traditionalists, avert your eyes. New Ravenna’s groundbreaking mosaic collection, Kiddo, is designed to delight your youthful side. No kidding!”

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New Ravenna Kiddo House Beautiful


The Kiddo collection of mosaics designed by Cean Irminger includes seven joyous designs that combine elegant patterns with elements of child’s play that hasn’t been seen in tile for children before. Hare Apparent is a traditional damask on which frolicking bunnies play. What’s In the Box combines an ancient Roman pattern with whimsical creatures peering out of geometric blocks. Fleet is comprised of origami sailboats; and paper airplanes zip around Loop De Loop.  Creatures in the Night star hand-shadow puppets, while the jungle animals in Wild Ones are far more friendly than fierce. Llamas and foxes prance across Otomi, named for the fabled Mexican textile design, with hand cut glass replacing embroidery stitches.
Fifteen years ago, Irminger began creating mosaics for New Ravenna. Today, she is an integral member of the company’s design and engineering team. Irminger’s Kiddo collection injects a spirit of fun and innocence into the sophisticated world of mosaics. Irminger says of the collection,  “like a mosaic dust covered Pied Piper, I want to lead the design community to a playful world full of whimsy, bold color and joyful surprises.” She has done just that, utilizing New Ravenna’s extensive range of materials. The many colors and shades of stone, jewel glass, gold glass, and Serenity glass are combined to create the Kiddo collection that can be fully customized with the client’s material preferences to fit the scope of any commercial or residential project. Each mosaic is made by hand in Virginia and can be installed (depending on the materials) indoors or out, on floors or walls. The collection is available at New Ravenna showrooms throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Russia, and Dubai.