JoAnn Locktov Is Interviewed

JoAnn Locktov is interviewed by James Swan of Million Dollar Decorating,an encore for the Bella Figura Communications’ founder. “Delighted to have JoAnn Locktov back with us today, sharing what her life is like ‘away from the office'” he notes. Click over to James’ site  to listen to the interview.

JoAnn Locktov interviewed


James is such a natural talent as an interviewer, a few snippets below as proof:

James Swan: I have to ask. How does one by default become a publisher?

JoAnn Locktov:  Oh, that’s a funny story. I had done – I’ve written two books before and I had this idea of doing a book on my heart city which is Venice because I’ve met this wonderful photographer. And I thought that publishing now was similar to how it was when I did my first two books which were on contemporary mosaics. And much to my amazement, the industry has changed radically and even though I felt we had a brilliant proposal and incredible people involved, there wasn’t one single traditional publisher that felt there needed to be another book about Venice, Italy.

And so, at that point in time, I had to make a decision. I either had to abandon the project or I had to become a publisher. And in my prior books and this series of books, I do this work really out of my own curiosity to figure things out and I was not willing to abandon the project. I thought it was a beautiful, beautiful book that we could make. So, I had to teach myself had to publish a book.

I’m still teaching myself how to publish a book. So, it’s cute. I just published a post today within the Independent Publisher’s Group about becoming the accidental publisher because it’s not what I set out to do. But I absolutely adore it, so I’m grateful to all those publishers who said, “We don’t think the world needs this book,” because now I get to do it.

James Swan: Isn’t that interesting how the universe orchestrates things?

JoAnn Locktov: Yes, it is. Yeah.

James Swan: That brings us to those crossroads just where we need to be, just when we need to be.

JoAnn Locktov: Right, right. No, it was a gift. It’s wonderful.