Dream of Venice

Dream of Venice cover


The mysterious allure of the ancient floating city of Venice is captured in this book of evocative photography and beguiling words of a diverse group of contemporary Venetophiles. The luminous photographs, in both color and black and white, complement the intimate thoughts, memories, poems, and stories of notable contributors from the worlds of art, literature, design, cuisine, music, and filmmaking. Readers will want to listen to the silence of the canals and get lost in the ethereal mist of Piazza San Marco. Included in the book are anecdotes and Venetian recollections from Woody Allen, Julie Christie, Diane Hales, Marcella Hazan, Erica Jong, Judith Martin, Linus Roache, and Nicolas Roeg.

A Sampling of Editorial Reviews for Dream of Venice:

“This is a beautiful book on Venice by the many writers who have fallen in love with the city. The photographs are intoxicating.” —Erica Jong, author, Fear of Flying

“If Venice is a dream state, then a new book about the city built on a lagoon is its vivid interpretation. Some are reverential images captured by Charles Christopher, a copywriter-turned-photographer who spent two weeks there in 2011. Others are prose poetry from the likes of Frances Mayes, Peggy Guggenheim, Patricia Highsmith, Erica Jong, and Woody Allen.” —J. Michael Welton, Huffington Post, Arts & Culture

“These very original images remind me of the time I spent there far more movingly and personally than any perfect composition featuring a famous landmark, shot to death by guided tour groups. They capture the heart and sad reality of an extraordinary and unique city.” —Nicolas Roeg, director

“You must have experienced and loved Venice to succeed in creating such a book . . . the result is, with this book you hold the keys to experiencing Venice with all five senses—and that’s what Venetians love about his book.” —Iris Loredana, blogger, A Garden in Venice