Daniel’s Dishing Cle Tile

Tiles by clé create a zingy backdrop for ingredients for a Brazilian Bounty that include a plethora of peppers in red orange and yellow. It’s a Daniel’s Dish featuring Moqueca with Cashew Rice that’s dishing on a south-of-the-border vibe.

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Daniel's Dish Brazilian Vibes

The festive peppers have the perfect backdrop in clé cement tiles.

Cle tiles dishing peppers


Chef Daniel Boulud is Dishing on A Favorite Recipe

Of the recipe and its context, Chef Daniel Boulud writes, “My friend Vik Muniz is a Brazilian artist whose work at times incorporates food. He made a big portrait of me using sugar and chocolate, which hangs in my home, and a series of framed photographs of wine-stained napkins, which line the walls of Bar Boulud. A couple of years ago, I was asked to cook a candlelit dinner in Vik’s honor for 650 guests at New York’s Cathedral of Saint John the Divine. Vik and I have shared many Brazilian meals together over the years, and I knew right away what to prepare for the party: moqueca, a delicious seafood stew (my version comes from the northeast- ern state of Bahia). Over the course of the eve- ning, several Brazilian guests remarked that my recipe perfectly re-created the delicious moquecas they remembered from home. I’ve made various fish stews over the years: cioppino, the hearty San Francisco sherman’s soup; Korea’s jjigae, which I make with spicy kimchi; and the traditional French bouillabaisse and bourride that I grew up with. But to me, nothing compares to moqueca, which I first tasted on a trip to Brazil two decades ago. The ingredients evoke the tropical beachside culture, with fresh sh and shell sh, tomatoes, tangy chiles, creamy coconut milk, and dendê oil, a bright-red Brazilian cooking oil made from the fruit of the African palm tree.”

Given the Chef feels the ingredients evoke the tropical beachside culture he found in Brazil, it’s no wonder this tile pattern was perfect to enliven the magazine spread. Cement tiles have been a trend for decades, so it’s no wonder editors are dishing on the earthy style of the tiles to illustrate their editorial ideas.