clé Introduces Designer Tile Cases for Your iPhone

Please note that at this writing the designer tile cases for iPhone are temporarily unavailable.

One of the Malachite iPhone cases introduced by cle

Above: Hand painted Malachite tile iphone case

clé is proud to introduce tile inspired cases for the iPhone. The patterns on the cases echo the artisan tile offered on clé, an international tile e-boutique. The artist series includes tile designs by John Whitmarsh, Ruan Hoffmann, Adriano Richetti, Forrest Lesch-Middelton, Hanneke Steenmetz, and Peggy Wong. Encaustic cement and classic tile designs by Deborah Osburn are also available. There are a total of 40 designs in the iPhone case collection.

Deborah Osburn, founder and creative director of clé created the cases when she saw that “people were falling in love with so many designs.” She adds, “we wanted to find a fun way to let people have them all! The cases are an easy way to hold your favorite tile in the palm of your hand.” All tiles on clé, as well as the iPhone cases, are as distinct as the artists who create them. It is Osburn’s goal to provide a forum for discovery and conversation about what she loves most, tiles created by impassioned artists creating remarkable surfaces. The tile cases are available exclusively on, though the tiles at this writing are temporarily unavailable.

In featuring the cases, Interior Design magazine writes, “Forget dialing your phone – try tiling it! The manufacturer now offers a printed iPhone case in every one of its artisanal tile collections, from handmade encaustics to the classic Moroccan zellige. The most recent addition to the line is South African painter Ruan Hoffmann’s hand-lithgraphed Postcards from Myself, Iznik-inspired patterns saturated, almost sun-soaked reds and blues. Other favorites that translate particularly well in small scale: John Whitmarsh’s steel-container tiles. Peggy Wong’s monochrome architectural photographs, Hanneke Steenmetz’s gothic Shakespeare series, and Adriano Richetti’s Byzantine mosaics.”