The Art of Mosaic Design: A Collection of Contemporary Artists

The Art of Mosaic Design by JoAnn Locktov reveals beautiful examples of the contemporary movement in mosaics around the world.

Mosaic design is a fascinating art based on paradoxes that must be embraced. Among these are the pieces, multiple objects of simplicity fused into a singular, complex wholeness; the irregularity that springs from deliberation;and more often than not, the creation that is wrought from destruction. Such paradoxes are put into context by the mosaicist when the principles of other visual arts are applied.

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Mosaic Art and Style: Designs for Living Environments

The book features profiles of more than 75 mosaic artists from a broad range of countries. The pages reveal designs in the living environment which means furniture, flooring, sculpture, found objects, hotels, and restaurants. The photographs illustrate both magnified detail and overall atmosphere of the surroundings. Most artists and designers will find this book inspirational in the scope of ideas-in-the-making as well as the validation that really anything is possible with mosaics.

Mosaic Art and Style by JoAnn Locktov captures the form and function of mosaics in our global surroundings and the artists that innovate them.

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