The Best of Tileista: Tiles and Mosaics from Wheels of Clay to Subway Tiles

In this feature, JoAnn reviews the best tile of 2012 The Best of Tileista: Tiles and Mosaics from Wheels of Clay to Subway Tiles

wheels of clay to subway tilesMosaic Art Now says of Tileista, whose full list of articles live on one page:

“Tileista” is a monthly column that explores the beauty of artisan tile. JoAnn Locktov is the author of two books (Mosaic Art and StyleThe Art of Mosaic Design) and numerous articles on contemporary mosaics and tile. Her public relations firm Bella Figura Communications represents creative individuals and businesses in design, architecture, art, and travel. Follow her musings on Twitter.

About her article on Susan Tunick, (the photo in this post is a piece of her art) the editors note, “This month, The Tileista (aka JoAnn Locktov) introduces us to ceramic artist Susan Tunick, a woman who makes her own tesserae and uses it to glorious effect in her site-specific sculptures.  No less engaging are her more architectural bricks and tiles.” Near the end of the piece, JoAnn writes, “As President of Friends of Terra Cotta, a preservation organization devoted to protecting historic and architectural ceramics, Tunick has studied clay in architecture for over 25 years. She is invested in “seeing ceramics re-integrated into our environment…into landscape, interiors and into the facades of new buildings.”  Her work represents this evolution precisely.”

In a piece that brings to life the sumptuous work of tile artists Lisa TeviaClark and her husband James Clark, JoAnn notes she ” has immersed herself in the material language of her medium. For the past thirty years she has experimented with clay and the alchemy of heat, salt, ash, minerals, and glazes. With her husband James Clark, she established Bella Vista Tile in 2003, as both a limited production studio and a laboratory.”

It truly is worth stopping over and reading the other articles she has there.