Radiant Mosaics Designed by Erin Adams for New Ravenna

Pantone has announced their 2014 color of the year, and the magical hue called Radiant Orchid can be found in several of the mosaics that Erin Adams has designed for New Ravenna. This exclusive collection has three designs which include this vibrant shade of purple; Daisies, Kente and Flowers.

New Ravenna Mosaics continues the tradition in bringing you a premier line of mosaics, this time with Erin Adams’s imaginative colors.

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Clé in New York Times: Tiles Soaking Up the Local Color

New York Times feature Deborah Osburn and how she began making her colorful tiles. Here she features her Watermark Collection for Clé tile.

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Alfonso Architects Awarded the Museum of the American Arts and Crafts Movement

Award-winning architect Alberto Alfonso describes the new museum’s architecture inspiration from “the Arts & Crafts Movement in its detailing and customization of materials and joinery. The building will serve the collection in its presentation of precious objects in a modern, functional, and didactic way.”

Philosophically, Alberto Alfonso’s design process relies on the development of a project-specific architectural design idea that is grounded in site, program history, and region.

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clé: The New Limestone Tile Collection by Deborah Osburn for Tilevera

clé is proud to introduce the 17th Century tile collection, designed by Deborah Osburn for Tilevera. The collection is brought on by 17th century inspiration with origins in China. See how Osburn has expanded the delftware colors to a modern palette of pink, grey, green, teal and persimmon.

Osburn has been designing and manufacturing tile for the past twenty-five years for her company Tilevera. In 2012 she started clé with the goal to provide a forum for discovery and conversation about her passion and bringing artists together to create remarkable work.

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The Unbearable Lightness of Scarpa

The fires in the glass furnaces on Murano have been stoked for eight centuries. It is natural that the Venetian craftsmen with their artistic lineage that dates from the 13th century would have a deep affinity for glass. Apprehensive about potential fires and the unlawful sharing of professional secrets, all glassmaking moved to Murano by 1271.

The discoveries were astounding; gold leaf graffito, crystal, lattimo milk glass, filigree, incalmo, mirrors. millefiore, reading glasses – all put into production on Murano with attendant patents by the middle of the 16th century.

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Clé Tiles in Architectural Digest November 2013

Tilevera’s 17th Century collection for Cle Tiles reinterprets the scale and hues of classic delftware.

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Clé Tiles in Traditional Home Nov-Dec 2013

Inspired by his travels, South African artist Ruan Hoffmann has designed his second collection of cement tiles for Clé. Postcards From Myself

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Clé in Interior Design October 2013

All the clé artisanal tile in an array of iPhone cases. From handmade encaustics to the recent addition, they have your favorites in a row.

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Punk: From Chaos to Couture

When “the arse of your pants falls out, you just use safety pins.” John Lydon (Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols) remembers the primary advantage of safety pins. He had no money and didn’t know how to sew.

It was the seventies, and punks were the disenfranchised, bitter and poor kids of London and New York. They would show up with paint splattered clothing, garbage bags cinched at the waist, hacked off hair, safety pins piercing skin and cloth. Their ideology allowed for the remarkable notion that they could dictate their own taste, no matter how subversive. They wore their discontent on their sleeves.

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The Paraaf by Jacco Maris

Global Lighting presents the Paraaf designed by Jacco Maris. Handcrafted to replicate the 16th century collars worn by European aristocracy. It maintains the Maris signature style of metal shaped into soft and languid forms. He details the influence that brought about the Paraaf and how he was challenged to bring his drawing into a three-dimensional form.

Global Lighting has a storied history as a manufacturer and distributor of lighting collections cultivated from some of the world’s finest manufacturers of contemporary lighting located in Europe. By bringing these fixtures into UL compliance and offering them to the design/architectural trades through lighting reps and to the retail trade through showrooms, Global Lighting is a company devoted to the highest possible quality in terms of products and customer satisfaction.

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New Ravenna in Elle Indonesia

New Ravenna gets featured in Elle Indonesia. It’s a roundup of bathroom fixtures including Paul Schatz’s Miraflores collection with Medina.

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New Ravenna Mosaics Presents Look Book Fall 2013

New Ravenna Mosaics presents their Fall 2013 Look Book, a visual gallery of luxurious mosaics created in the New Ravenna Mosaics studio located in Exmore, Virginia. A team of 120 artisans and designers create each mosaic by hand one tessera (piece) at a time.

Sara Baldwin started New Ravenna Mosaics 21 years ago on her kitchen table. While studying for her MFA in painting, Baldwin visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and fell in love with an ancient Roman mosaic pavement from the third century. Baldwin became fascinated with the historic art of mosaics and taught herself the traditional techniques used for centuries.

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Clé in Architectural Digest Russia

Clé in Architectural Digest Russia includes Ruan Hoffman’s Postcards From Myself. His mosaic is in display in vivid red, blue, and black.

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The Measure of a Man, Carlo Scarpa by Robert McCarter

In Robert McCarter’s Carlo Scarpa monograph Austrian architect Peter Noever tells an illuminating tale. In 1974 he and Scarpa visited the Adolf Loos-designed American Bar in Vienna. The moment they entered Scarpa started appraising the space. He ordered champagne for the ladies……who were present and a measuring tape for himself. Scarpa then proceeded to measure everything down to the exact millimeter. When finished he proclaimed the space to be of “singular spiritual and emotional quality.”

This is exactly how I imagine McCarter studying the work of the Venetian architect Carlo Scarpa—measuring tape in hand. In this substantial volume, McCarter leads us by the hand through Scarpa’s achievements. He gives us a survey that is both vast, and in the spirit of Scarpa, meticulously detailed.

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New Ravenna Mosaics in Vogue September 2013

New Ravenna Mosaics is in Vogue. Sara Baldwin is one of the three designers featured who are utilizing old-world arts in modern-day design.

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clé Introduces Designer Tile Cases for Your iPhone

clé is proud to introduce new “tile” iPhone cases.

The tile images are from the artisan tile offered on clé, an international tile e-boutique. The artist series includes tile designs by John Whitmarsh, Ruan Hoffmann, Adriano Richetti, Forrest Lesch-Middelton, Hanneke Steenmetz, and Peggy Wong. Encaustic cement and classic tile designs by Deborah Osburn are also available.

There are a total of 40 designs in the iPhone case collection.

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New Ravenna in Coastal Living September 2013

New Ravenna in Coastal Living is included in the Touch of Turquoise feature. With Loom Jewel Glass Mosaic Tile in Turquoise and Aquamarine.

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clé introduces Postcards From Myself

clé is proud to introduce Postcards From Myself, the new collection of tiles designed by South African artist Ruan Hoffmann.

Postcards From Myself consists of 25 designs, each hand lithographed on an 8″ square encaustic cement tile. Hoffmann is an internationally exhibited painter who uses ceramic as his canvas. The collection was inspired by Hoffmann’s travels around the world. Hoffmann started the design process by painting 6″ x 6″ postcards, each representing a memory from his travels.

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Jacco Maris Solo by Global Lighting

Global Lighting is proud to present the Solo light fixture designed by Jacco Maris, and inspired by his dog, whose paw “prints” adorn every fixture.

The suspension light is cast and polished by hand and available in three sizes, in bronze or aluminum. The lights in aluminum are powder coated in three available colors: silver, anthracite and white. In bronze the metal is patinated in brass. Lamping is a fluorescent tube, with a dimmable option.

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Clé Tile in New York Times January 2013

Forrest Lesch-Middelton makes ceramics that look like the products of an ancient civilization whose people proudly insisted on being buried with their dishware. The surfaces are mottled, the decorations irregular and the tones earthy siennas and fawns.

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New Ravenna in New York Spaces

New Ravenna Mosaic’s Erin Adams Collection is part of a summer collection featured in New Your Spaces. Includes hand-cut glass mosaic, Coral.

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Clé in Vogue Magazine July 2013

Ruan Hoffman’s collaboration with artisanal tile firm, clé, brightens interiors with vivid red, blue, and black in Postcards from Myself.

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Carlo Scarpa and Cleto Munari: A Sonnet in Silver

“On a spring evening in 1972 I was introduced to the person who would change my life.” Cleto Munari remembers the meeting well. It took place in Vicenza, the Palladian city north of Venice, where both he and Carlo Scarpa worked. In Scarpa the architect, Munari found friend, teacher and collaborator.

Munari wanted his cutlery to be the “most beautiful in the world” and he felt Scarpa was the only one in Italy at that moment who could elevate something as utilitarian as a fork into a modern masterpiece.

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Jacco Maris for Global Lighting in Hospitality Design

“Holland is a great. inspiring country to design in,” according to lighting designer Jacco Maris, who is featured in Hospitality Design magazine. Open, free-minded people who are not afraid to give their honest opinion make sure the quality stays high, and every inch of Holland has been designed to fit both the functionality of beauty […]

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