JoAnn is our public relations extraordinaire at clé. Armed with both skill and determination, she uses her vast talents in communications to artfully introduce our company to the world, while maintaining our connection to the individual, as well.  That’s a significant statement of support for a publicist, and we don’t state it lightly – but with extreme appreciation.

There seems virtually no task too large or too small for JoAnn to embrace in her goal to communicate with our audience. And though I can’t say enough about JoAnn’s accomplishments as a communications expert, it is her innate understanding and her ability to keep current on the vast world of the arts, fashion and current events that makes JoAnn the very best of the best for guiding individuals and companies in need of expert connections to their audience.

Deborah Osburn, Founder and Creative Director of clé

JoAnn is an incredible PR talent, an indefatigable quarterback. She has achieved results for New Ravenna, my company, that are more than impressive; for example getting us placed in Vogue, September 2013 – a first for a mosaic company. She is an articulate and gracious wordsmith and editor, and takes the pain out of crafting elegant prose for any marketing/PR purpose. I highly recommend her services if you are lucky enough to interest her in your products!

Sara Baldwin Owner, CEO and Creative Director at New Ravenna Mosaics, Owner at Sara Baldwin Design

Gracious, poised and insightful, as a writer JoAnn is an editor’s dream. Armed with an intellectual prowess honed during her training in art history and business, as well as an immense capacity for creative thinking evidenced in her books and extensive articles, every piece penned by JoAnn respectfully honors her given subjects by leading with and exploring *them* (refreshing in an age when many writers choose to pen self-referential pieces wearing a journalistic mask). As a cultural attaché for all things beautiful she is receptive, enthusiastic, and a joy to work with throughout the editing process. Her research is impeccable. She is trustworthy, sincere and an asset to every exhibition and designer she has covers. As a writer and a person, I can’t recommend JoAnn more highly to any organization in need of compelling content and extraordinary vision. If the pen is a sword than JoAnn is a samurai, indeed.

Joanne Molina, Editor at The Curated Object

Per alcuni progetti importanti degli ultimi anni ho avuto al mio fianco JoAnn Locktov, una vera professionista nel campo della comunicazione e della promozione. Penso, in particolare, alla collezione delle mie penne stilografiche, legate al libro The Book of the Five Pens, prodotti che hanno richiesto studio, competenza, e capacità di coinvolgere e di far appassionare un pubblico di nicchia. La sua precisione nel lavoro ha rivelato strategie esatte e ben calibrate, sia nei tempi che nei modi. E poi, il suo mondo è in continuo movimento, proprio come il mio: questo è un talento che ho sempre apprezzato nei miei collaboratori più stretti. JoAnn è il tipo di persona che si vorrebbe sempre nel proprio gruppo di lavoro perché il grado del suo entusiasmo è sempre pari a quello del suo ingegno.

Cleto Munari, Artist and Designer

JoAnn is an incredibly savvy design publicist that makes your life easier as an editor or blogger because she only works with top quality clients and knows how and where to pitch their work. She is also one of my favorite social media gurus, and I can turn to her with questions about blogging, networking, twittering, and endless other areas. She has always gone above and beyond when I need a fact-checked or an image on a moments notice. She’s truly a professional in her field and I highly recommend her work.

Rita Catinella Orrell, LEED Green Associate Curator of Things, Designy Things Media LLC

JoAnn Locktov is an absolute joy to work with on every level. Her highly professional services combine an elegant style, creative flair, and savvy, customized approach to every aspect of the job. The materials — digital press releases and personalized pitches she generates — are pieces which I am thrilled to have out there to represent my book. Her focused approach on a print and online media campaign for 100 Places In Italy Every Woman Should Go brought results that far exceeded expectations — increasing book sales and widening its public profile. Bella Figura Communications is a rare gem in the publicity world. As an author, I feel molta fortunata to have my book in such Bella hands!

Susan Van Allen, Author

You seem to have done what a lot of PR outfits promise but never quite manage to do!

Sean O’Reilly, President and Founder, Auriga Distribution Group

I wish to introduce you to JoAnn Locktov, an indispensable associate I have had the privilege of working with through our Trend USA lineage, who does an absolutely masterful job of representing through her public relations firm such notable tile companies as Orsoni, Trend SpA, Ellen Blakely Studio, New Ravenna, and a host of acclaimed designers, artisans and authors. JoAnn’s work is far-reaching in terms of practical accomplishments, plum with a litany of stellar media networking and communications. She has been an invaluable asset in opening many conduits for me professionally.

Michael Kuch, uomo sales + marketing agency

JoAnn Locktov is a creative and experienced public relations professional with extensive experience in fine arts, artisan crafts, and design. Her knowledge of interior specialties, especially artisan mosaic glass and tile, and her talent for illuminating the creative process and publicizing it is second  to  none.  Her special  relationship  with  Venetian  art  and  design  and  her  deep love  and knowledge of Italy has made her a valuable resource to her clients. Her ability to place their products in both traditional and electronic media is outstanding. JoAnn’s personal counsel has been very important in helping me establish my career as a fine artist, and I treasure her loyalty, friendship and professional skills. I highly recommend her to artisans, manufacturers, and distributors to assist them in developing creative and effective marketing and public relations programs and strategies.

Eric Engstrom, Eric Engstrom Fine Arts

I have known JoAnn for over 15 years. She is an extremely professional and competent person and has excellent knowledge of and contact with everything that has to do with the world of design and architecture. Her passion and enthusiasm for mosaics have been particularly instrumental to the success in the United State (and as a result, in other countries) of the company, which I have run for 40 years and personally to me as an artist. Beyond her indisputable abilities, JoAnn has many humane qualities and it was easy to transform a work relationship into a solid friendship. In light of what I have said above and by virtue of her uncommon professional and humane abilities, making use of her experience in the field of communications, press releases and public relations is without doubt an excellent investment for the development of the international market and the visibility of the company.

Lucio Orsoni, Honorary President, Orsoni Smalti Veneziani

Public relations is, to say the least, a challenging arena. On the one hand, it’s about communicating complicated concepts and often large ideas — and, at times, distilling truth and beauty. On the other hand, it’s all about selling, pure and simple. The trick is to do both, and with élan. JoAnn Locktov manages that delicate balancing act about as well as anyone I’ve ever encountered. I’m looking at about a dozen emails she sent me, convincing, not so much me as my editorial director, that the charming Domus Orsoni — a five-room guest quarters that’s part of the world-renowned mosaic studio in Venice — was worthy of SKY’s coverage. From her smart and passionate first pitch to the subsequent follow-ups, Jo Ann addressed the magazine’s specific needs and met them, resulting in an item that worked extremely well for both of us. What’s more, the interchange I had with her was entirely companionable — in a word, a pleasure, despite how much back-and-forth we ended up with. And that’s been the case for every subsequent item she helped us with. Public relations is something we all need. Unfortunately, it’s rarely done capably, with both grace and enthusiasm. JoAnn is someone who gets it, who delivers, whose dedication and passion come through with each email and phone call. And that’s a very rare thing.

David Bailey, Senior Editor & Writer

JoAnn Locktov is a publicist who takes a fresh approach to gaining press for her clients. As a journalist, I am thrilled to work with her because she is organized, dependable and she goes the extra mile to put that creative spin on pitches that makes me want to find placement. She is also one of the most tech-savvy publicists I know, a true plus for her clients in this age of fast-paced communications that include social networking and viral marketing. I’ve been impressed with her determination to educate her clients as to the benefits they will gain by stepping bolding into the new media that will determine success or failure in the future.

Saxon Henry, Journalist & Author

She is the most amazing PR person I have ever worked with. able to communicate with punctuality, able to absorb what the message is supposed to be and re-styling it so it seems like a symphony orchestra is playing. Her knowledge and capabilities are hard to come across. I truly recommend her.

Marcello Becchi, Director of Business Development, Trend USA

JoAnn Locktov has surprised me at every turn with the publicity and promotion work she’s done for Travelers’ Tales/Solas House, specifically for author Susan Van Allen and her book 100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go. JoAnn is smart, a great communicator, produces huge value at reasonable cost, everything she does is on time, and her enthusiasm for people and her work is completely contagious. I look forward to figuring out new projects for her to work on! Highly recommended.

James O’Reilly, Co-founder, President and Publisher of Travelers’ Tales/Solas House, Inc.

JoAnn is in a category all her own. In all my years working in design, JoAnn has consistently surprised me with ingenious products and innovative artists that push the boundaries of conventional design. Her genuine dedication to promoting these artists and their work has always impressed me. I have only the utmost regard for JoAnn and her work, and cannot stress enough how wonderful she is to work with. Her patience and quick responses throughout our many deadlines will always be greatly appreciated. It is also very telling to see how much her clients admire her. JoAnn is an absolute delight to work with and I hope to continue to do so for years to come.

Nicole Haddad, Design & Web Editor, New York Spaces Magazine